Faith and Life is a gathering place for people who are looking for resources that they can use to more deeply explore the connection between faith and daily living. I am pleased to welcome a richly diverse group of people with many different beliefs about God and life. I invite you to come here often, to share this site with friends and family members, and to even share your own perspectives about life and faith with others by posting comments. This is a place where we can all grow together and build each other up.

Welcome, again, to the Faith and Life!

I hope that you’ll find something here that can help you make a deeper connection between your faith and daily life. I, also, hope you’ll share some of the things that you’ve learned on your own journey; so that, we can all gain new perspectives, fresh ideas and deeper insights into our relationship with God.

1 thought on “Welcome!

  1. Good morning,
    I was just connected to your blog via a friend. I am the editor for our Faith & Money (http://www.umfne.org/home/faith-money-2/) monthly newsletter. I am wondering if I can have permission to use “What a Restaurant can Teach the Church about Hospitality” for July’s edition. If I could receive it as a PDF with your logo/branding so that we could link to it, that would really be great. I am not sure who wrote this article (was it Wayne?) but I’d want to make sure they are acknowledged. Thank you.

    Rev. Dr. David Abbott
    Director of Stewardship
    United Methodist Foundation of New England

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