Where’s God in Tough Times?

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I’ll always remember April 9, 2014.

Early that morning, a young man walked into our local high school and stabbed twenty of his classmates before the day even began. I’ve always struggled with things like that because they just don’t make sense. But even more than that, I struggle with those kinds of things as a “man of faith” because I can’t figure-out why God doesn’t just step onto the scene and stop senseless tragedies. Where is God when crazy and unexpected things are happening in the world? Where is God when hurricanes destroy the lives of innocent people and when a gunman shoots hundreds of people from a hotel window? That’s the question that we consider in this week’s message: “Where’s God in Tough Times?”.

It’s easy to imagine God as a great comforter in the midst of tragedy, but it’s harder to see God in people who say, “What’s going on right now isn’t right, and this is what we need to do to set things straight.” It’s easy to see God in all of the helpers who extend themselves to those who have been injured, but it’s harder to see the Christ in the faces of the people who are suffering. And yet, God’s found in all of those places.

“Where’s God in Tough Times?” is a message that’s been written to help you to see God’s presence in places where people don’t usually look during difficult times. It’s a message that calls us to look for God’s presence in places where we usually miss God when things in our lives and in the world get crazy. “Where’s God in Tough Times?” is a message that will help you to start seeing God in four different places during difficult and challenging times, and it’s a message that might even help you to see how God can use you to help our world become a better place.


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