That We May Be One

Unity Pic

What does “unity” look like to you?

I suspect that most people believe that “unity” is created when people share similar ideas and perspectives. The “unity” of the Church is centered upon the saving message of Jesus Christ. The “unity” of the Church is created by God as people gather to worship with each other, to pray with each other, and to join hands with each other in ministry.

But “unity” and “uniformity” are very different, aren’t they? We can be “one” with each other when we agree about specific things, but we can also be “one” with each other in times when we disagree about specific things. The “unity” that God creates in the Church is not a “unity” of absolute uniformity; and thus, Christians are called together in a spirit of love even when they are moving through times of disagreement and struggles.

In this week’s message, “That We May Be One”, we explore the difference between unity and uniformity; and, perhaps just as importantly, we learn that we need to learn how to distinguish between “those who are for us” and “those who are simply for the things that we are for.” That distinction is important because “those who are for us” will continue to be “for us” even when we aren’t in 100% agreement about “what we are for.”



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