Reading Through the Bible – Weeks 7 – 8 – 9


I’m hoping that you continued your journey through the Bible this week – even if you had to use a little bit of creativity to do it…! I got immersed in my preparations for Holy Week and Easter last week; and, inadvertently, forgot to post readings for Week #7. Sorry about that! I’m posting the readings now – and the readings for the next two weeks since I’ll be taking some much-needed time away from the office. I’m hoping that, if you missed a few days along the way (or if you stopped reading because you weren’t sure which chapters to read next), we can just get things going again without delay. I’m suggesting that we just move forward without feeling a compelling need to return to readings we’ve missed. I’m sure that you’ve already picked-up that theme in this blog.

In the coming week, we’ll be reading one of the best-known passages in the Bible!

Psalm 23 is a wonderful psalm that clearly reminds us of God’s goodness and sustaining presence in our lives. David invites us to picture God as a Shepherd – leading us to places where we can safely drink from refreshing streams, and guiding us toward places in life where we can have our souls restored and refreshed in the midst of busy routines. We’re reminded that God is a God who journeys with us when life’s good, and we’re told that our God is also a God who walks with us “even though [we] walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” (Psalm 23:4)

We do not need to live in fear!

You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day.” (Psalm 91:5)

We can know that God has “commanded His angels concerning [us],” and we can trust in the fact that God will “guard [us] in all [our] ways.” (Psalm 91:11)

This week, I’d like to invite you to spend some time thinking about where you are seeing God at work in your life these days. Where is God walking with you, right now?  Where is God lifting you up, sustaining you, and giving you strength? Where is God giving you the courage you need to face each new day with faith, hope and peace in your heart?

And now, here are the readings for next few weeks:

Week #7

Sunday: Romans 13-14 – Monday: Genesis 24-27 – Tuesday: Judges 7-11 – Wednesday: Psalms 18-20 – Thursday: Job 13-14 – Friday: Isaiah 34-39 – Saturday: Matthew 17-19

Week #8

Sunday: Romans 15-16 – Monday: Genesis 28-31 – Tuesday: Judges 12-16 – Wednesday: Psalms 21-23 – Thursday: Job 15-16 – Friday: Isaiah 40-44 – Saturday: Matthew 20-22

Week #9

Sunday: 1 Corinthians 1-2 – Monday: Genesis 32-35 – Tuesday: Judges 17-21 – Wednesday: Psalms 24-26 – Thursday: Job 17-18 – Friday: Isaiah 45-50 – Saturday: Matthew 23-25

Please remember that this journey through the Bible is meant to encourage you to explore God’s Word and to help you move through the Bible. It’s not meant to place a burden upon you! I’m hoping that if you miss a reading (or a few of the readings) along the way that you’ll feel free to simply jump back into the schedule of readings that I’m providing – knowing that, when you do, you’ll be re-connecting with faithful people who are committed to traveling through God’s Word with you.


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