Healed Healers


“One of the things that I’ve learned, in my own journey of faith, is that I need to remain connected to the Church when life’s good and when it isn’t. I will surely have times in my life when I speak God’s Word to other people, but I’ll also have times when I need other people to speak God’s Word to me.” ~ Pastor Wayne

Christians sometimes draw an unhelpful distinction between “darkness” and “light.” We believe and proclaim that “Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.” (John 8:12) It’s always going to be easy for us to sense God’s presence when we’re feeling particularly blessed and strong. But, we’ve all had times when we struggled because God seemed to be far away and distant during a difficult time – haven’t we? We’ve been taught to draw an unhelpful line between “darkness” and “light”; and, when we do that, what we say to ourselves, even as people of faith, can close our eyes to God’s presence and our minds to how God’s actually moving when life isn’t what we want it to be.

Did you know that Jesus began His earthly ministry in “darkness”? The Bible, in fact, is filled with many stories where God was quite active in the midst of “darkness.” What if we grasped that truth and lived into it more intentionally? How could our times of struggle be transformed if we more clearly understood that God’s not afraid to enter into “darkness” – and that God, in fact, does incredible things when all seems lost?

In this week’s message, “Healed Healers”, we’re challenged to stop believing that the darkest moments in our lives are times when God’s deserted us. We’re also challenged to see that the lessons that we learn during our darkest times in life are lessons that we can use to encourage and support other people. Our deepest wounds, as Henri Nouwen once wrote in The Wounded Healer, can be used as “tools” that bring healing into the lives of other people. Perhaps, as Christ comes into the midst of our “darkness,” He will transform us into “Healed Healers” who have the power to speak God’s Word to those who need to hear it the most?



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